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It's so much fun taking my kids camping and getting to share with them some of the experiences I got to have as a kid. You definitely have to modify your plans a little and bring a ton more stuff with you, but it's worth it to see the look on your kids' faces when they get to build a campfire or spend the night staring at the stars (and not at the TV). This site is dedicated to making camping with kids easier and more fun for everyone involved, with tips and product suggestions. It's time to start planning your next trip!

Hygiene Options for Camping or Sleeping Rough

If you are planning on a holiday camping trip that won't have regular access to showers and a plumbed bathroom, it is important to consider how you will deal with personal hygiene. While public toilets can be found in most town centres it is less common to find public showers. Here are some of your options.

Hygiene wipes

Hygiene wipes are relatively versatile in that they can often be used to clean your body as well as for toileting. The wipes are relatively bulk however and can add substantial weight to you pack particularly if you will be away for a long period of time. If you are staying in national parks you will need to carry your soiled wipes with you until you reach a formal disposal site as even the biodegradable wipes do not break down quickly enough to avoid contaminating the delicate ecosystems of native flora and fauna.

Camping showers

Portable camping showers can be filled from water sources and heat in the sunlight to create a relatively warm shower within a few hours. This is great option if you have access to fresh water and some privacy as it gives a similar feeling to a shower but is lightweight for daily transportation, and can be reused infinitely with limited wear over extended use. You'll need to carry bar soap or a similar product to get a true clean rather than a rinse.

If you use a camping shower you'll also need to carry a lightweight, quick dry shower towel. Camping showers can also be used to clean the dirt and grime of the rest of your possessions—including the ability to clean undies and socks while away from your home base.

Sanitiser 'wash on the go'

Various alcohol-based lotions are available that evaporate on contact with the skin. These can be useful for killing illness, and odour, causing bacteria as well as reducing the feeling of sweat and dampness. These lotions can often be irritating and drying on open sores so need to be used with care on any open wounds, or against the face or genital region. They also need to be transported with care as they can often leak against clothing.

A lot of local army disposal stores such as Centenary Disposals can be a great space to purchased bulk hygiene wipes, camping showers, cleaning lotions and quick dry camping towels for an affordable price.