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It's so much fun taking my kids camping and getting to share with them some of the experiences I got to have as a kid. You definitely have to modify your plans a little and bring a ton more stuff with you, but it's worth it to see the look on your kids' faces when they get to build a campfire or spend the night staring at the stars (and not at the TV). This site is dedicated to making camping with kids easier and more fun for everyone involved, with tips and product suggestions. It's time to start planning your next trip!

How to Make a Cheap Caravan Out of an Old Delivery Van or Mini Van

If you don't have enough money to buy a caravan, don't fret. Instead, consider taking your next journey in a modified van. If you can find a cheap old minivan or delivery van, a few adjustments can easily turn it into a home on wheels. Here's what you need to do:

1. Insulate your van

Whether you are camping in the hot sun or cool nighttime temps, you are likely to be overly hot or too cold in a regular van. However, a bit of insulation can solve this problem.

Remove everything from the back of your van. In addition to removing seats, remove carpet and lining until you have revealed the metal sides, floor and ceiling of your van. Then, glue attic insulation over everything and use spray insulation to fill in the gaps. Once the insulation is in place, you can replace the carpeting or simply hang fabric over the walls to hide the insulation.

2. Build a living room and bedroom

Find a small loveseat that pulls out into a bed and push it to the back of your van directly behind the driver and passenger seat. This pull-out sofa quickly and easily creates the living room and bedroom of your caravan.

3. Create a kitchen

To create a kitchen in your caravan, build small cupboards or cabinets around the sides of your makeshift caravan and keep them narrow enough so that they don't impede your bed from pulling out.

To make a very simple sink, attach an upside down water tank on the side of your van's walls. This tank should have a valve that releases water.

Place a small basin underneath the water tank. You can use an old sink from a charity shop or just a bowl with a hole drilled into the bottom. Have another receptacle underneath the sink for your old water to drain into. Remember to empty this reservoir once in a while and refill up your tank at the same time.

For your refrigerator, buy a small dorm room refrigerator and wire it to a recreational battery.

4. Add more power

If you want your caravan's motor to start in the morning, you don't want to hook your refrigerator or any other devices to the main battery. Instead, you want to have a second recreational battery.

Having a recreational battery on your caravan protects your main battery and gives you the power you need for your lights, a fridge and other elements.

Once these four steps have been completed, your van is officially a caravan. It is only missing a toilet so plan to squat in the woods or camp at areas that have toilets available. Otherwise, you are ready to hit the road and have fun.

For more tips or supplies, contact companies like Carac Trailers.